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Introduction to State Funded Preschool


* Families must meet eligibility requirements*
( click below for income eligibility guidelines )                                  

State Funded 1/2 Day Preschool Program

AGE: Preschool children who are age three (3) as of September 1st of the program year are eligible if the family's adjusted income does not exceed the income ceilings established by the California Department of Education.

INCOME: Family income must be at or below the ceilings approved for the current year. Specific items that should be kept in mind are the following:

1. Gross monthly income (total for all working family members in the home) must be verified by most recent statements of earnings.

2. Seasonal workers may average their gross income over the previous twelve months.

3. Where income is received as cash, the amount must be verified by the employer's written statement, secured by the parent and verified by the agency/district, with the parent's consent.

4. Net income must be verified for self-employed people.

State Funded preschool programs operate Monday through Friday for three (3) hours per day.  Parents have the opportunity to enroll, depending on the site, either in a morning or afternoon session at one of the State Funded preschool sites.  This program is fully funded by the California Department of Education and participants must meet the eligibility requirements as set forth by the Child Development Division. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on the link below for more information regarding the State Funded Preschool Program: