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Philosophy and Goals


The Early Childhood Programs department  (ECP) has been created to provide an enriched environment for early age children, which benefits their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Research increasingly shows that quality preschool programs reduce the need for remedial classes in subsequent grade levels. During the preschool years, children develop characteristics which will affect their lifelong love of learning.

ECP has created an environment where the children and parents are identified as the focus. Our staff believes that each family brings to the program their values, language, diversity, and traditional customs.  We, therefore, recognize the importance of forming a partnership with parents to create a positive experience for all children. Parent participation in the classroom provides opportunities for parents to observe their child's behavior in a formal learning environment and supports continued learning in the home.


  • Provide programs where children will be actively engaged in their daily activities
  • Plan and implement a comprehensive kindergarten transition plan for preschool students and their families
  • Assess and support the health needs of children to promote wellness for successful early educational experiences
  • Strengthen and empower families to learn together while bridging the gap between home and school
  • Ensure that the instructional staff is highly qualified and informed on the latest early education research based strategies
  • Actively seek, support, and collaborate with community partners to increase positive outcome opportunities for children and families